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Get To Know The Waters In Your Area In A Kayak

The sport of kayaking is a fun one for those who are outdoor enthusiasts and water lovers, going back all the way to Native American fishermen who built theirs of wood. Don’t worry, I am not going to suggest that you make your own kayak from wood, even though these are the most beautiful they require a lot of maintenance and care to keep them in proper working order.

There are many different types of kayaks on the market today made of materials from lightweight fiberglass to plastic. The plastic ones are very durable and you can drag them over rocks and oyster shells without fear of banging them up and puncturing them easily. These kayaks come in one and two person versions as well as specific models made for the ocean.

If you like the solitary feel of being at one with nature then you will probably want to go with a single seater. These models are small and light enough that almost anyone can load and unload them in the back of a pickup truck. If you are a beginner, you should opt for a kayak that is very wide and stable to reduce the possibility of turning over. If you are a more seasoned user you will probably want to go with one that has more of a performance shape that will allow you to handle waves more efficiently.

The sport is not really all that hard to learn, especially if you take my advice and go with a wider kayak to start off with. If there is a course available in your area you may want to consider taking one to give you more confidence in your ability if nothing else. If you are not experienced stay near shore until you are more proficient. I have seen people where I live one the Gulf coast of Florida paddle out over a half mile off shore and then get caught in headwinds on the way back that made it difficult to get back to shore.

If you live in areas in the Pacific Northwest such as Oregon, Washington, or Coastal Canada, there are tours available that will enable you to paddle alongside Killer Whales. Here in Northwest Florida there are many choices of locations to go kayaking from the rivers and creeks to the bays and even the Gulf Of Mexico.

As with any other new endeavor you should take precautions and go with a buddy when you are first learning and be sure to wear a life vest for safety. Bring along a small first aid kit in case of accidents and have fun on the water.