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Love Poem – Love Defies

Introduction to the Love Poem

This poem on love is a romantic story about two persons who had a crush on each other but had not admitted their feelings for one another. Once they had the chance to express themselves, they both realized that they’ve been holding back their emotions and stopping themselves from experiencing a love relationship that has huge potential for them turn into a deeper state of love.

Once he confessed his love for her, and she confessed her love for him, they were both filled with so much joy. He went and told his best friend about it and she was very excited to celebrate these special moments with him. He was jumping around in his room, dancing from the joy because he couldn’t contain himself. He had finally found a love relationship that makes sense to him, where he can be himself fully and feel accepted and appreciated for his true self, and not for how he looks and what he owns. It’s a feeling that no one can take away from him and her. It’s almost like divine magic. It shifts your whole paradigm of reality into a more loving, caring and passionate one. It’s true that love can make miracles. Be in Love!

Now read the poem below to experience the emotions that I mentioned earlier.

Love Poem – Love Defies

Lying in my bed, don’t know what to do
I told my Best friend all about you
It’s quarter past twelve, I can’t get no sleep
I can almost hear, my heart beat so deep

Staring at the ceiling, just thinking to myself
How I wish you’re here, alone, by ourselves
I picked up the phone, I can’t control myself
I want to hear you moan, all by yourself

I’m reading the message, you sent yesterday
You said it’s me, you’re in love with today
And my heart got filled, with so much joy
I was dancing in my room, like a teenage boy

Then a voice in my head, spoke to me
It said no one can take this, away from me
A moment of silence took over my being
Leaving me breathless, cause I’m finally seeing

The vision I had before this moment
Was merely a fragment, of a sea so vibrant
And I’m not looking back, with the same set of eyes
Cause there’s so much more, that Love defies

Written By Adrian Nour Jamal

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