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Adler Planetarium, Personally Explore the Beauty of Space

The Chicago Adler Planetarium is an amazing and beautiful museum that has amazing an amazing display of exhibits that both wow and educate. It’s astounding to see the number of different exhibits all to help us understand the vast space an atmosphere all around us. It’s simply an amazing museum to visit. I had family in from out of town and we all took a visit to see these fantastic displays. They loved it. It makes you feel like you’re apart of something big, just to see the sheer sizes of the planets and the solar system we’re apart of. The ironic thing is that it can make you feel small at the same time, our galaxy is so very vast and we’re on such a small planet in this galaxy. This museum is the best place to make outer space come to life.

· With this Planetarium you can see shows that will simply stun you, and help you experience first hand the universe just as if you’ve left earth and are living right in the vastness of space taking in the beauty all around you.

· Exhibits that will really teach you all about our solar system, the moon, more on how we travel the universe, and there is even an exhibit where you can experience this all for yourself.

· Telescopes at the museum are simply amazing, and let you really see some of the most impressive and amazing views of the planets and stars in our solar system

· Each day there are various activities where you, kids in your life can both find simply fascinating activities to enjoy while learning about the amazing things which take place outside of our own planet.

· One of the best parts is that there is an amazing giant telescope where you can visit and see the solars system at night, with special events with the Adler After Dark display.